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A tattoo is a perfect form for a person to express their inner self.

INKY INC.  team believes that the tattooing process should be an open, accessible, and positive experience. We aim to change the understanding of a tattoo and give the clients an opportunity to find that very tattoo and the tattoo artist.

The INKY project will become a place where every person interested in tattoo art will find the right tattoo and tattooist.

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Samoan ethnic tatau

Samoan ethnic tatau

Tatau is one of the many words meaning tattoo in the Samoan language. The Samoan style is very ancient. However, despite this, it has hardly changed since its inception. The Samoans made every effort to protect their style from the influence of other cultures. Samoan tattoos belong to the Polynesian tattoo category. As with other… Continue reading Samoan ethnic tatau

White tattoo

White tattoo

White ink tattoos are a new trend in the art of body painting. They look neat, don`t stand out, but differ in their refinement and elegance. Initially, the white pigment was used only to create shadows, smooth transitions and semitones. But now it is increasingly used as a self-paint to create a beautiful and unique… Continue reading White tattoo

Eastern Style: Buddhist Tattoo

Eastern Style: Buddhist Tattoo

Buddhist tattoos have great power and always have a deep meaning.  People engaged in spiritual development often assign themselves to this religion. The philosophy of Buddhism means to know oneself in this world, to achieve enlightenment and awakening. Some people like the aesthetics of India and Buddhism, and for others these tattoos help them to understand themselves and… Continue reading Eastern Style: Buddhist Tattoo

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There are plenty of sources of inspiration for tattoo lovers. The modern market offers a wide range of brands, but it’s not always easy to choose a trusted one.


Our basic idea is to save time and effort for the client.

Like tattoo artists, they spend a lot of time surfing the Internet in seeking tattooists. Our platform was created to bring change by developing an interactive service between a tattoo artist and a client.

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Connecting to a tattoo master is just one click away. The platform makes it easy to find one without intermediaries.