Lotus Tattoo

There are many popular types of tattoos with interesting designs. One of them is the lotus tattoo. 

They are applied in different places and have different meanings. The lotus can be depicted as one, or with a mandala, with living beings, or even a Buddha.

Girls choose this flower because of its beauty and sophistication because it emphasizes their beauty too. At the same time, it has a favorable value.

Lotus can also be seen wearing male tattoos. But in them, it often plays an auxiliary role in the composition.

Separate flowers in the style of minimalism can often be found in the area between the shoulder blades, on the anterior, transverse. It says about the ability of its owner to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal and his/her aspiration to perfection.

Tattoos of Lotus flower tell us about the rich inner world of a person. It also symbolizes love for life and generosity, the revival and the acquisition of internal harmony, despite the surrounding chaos.

Small tattoos of the Lotus symbol bring esthetics but are not too bright to accent the body. Most of them are done at the back of the neck, in the area of the solar plexus, or the inner side of the elbow.

The lotus flower symbolizes a variety of different things, which is why it is considered such an interesting tattoo design. According to traditional beliefs, this flower symbolizes overcoming temptations and achieving success.

Lotus tattoo’s meaning includes purity, divine beauty, enlightenment, rising up, wisdom and control. The most popular meaning is beauty and spiritual awakening.

Many lotus colors also have their significance:

White lotus flowers symbolize spiritual, mental enlightenment, cleanliness and perfection. Purple lotus flowers mean an overall mystic view of spirituality. Pink symbolizes Buddha. Blue lotuses mean spiritual control over your physical senses and are also a symbol of knowledge. The red lotus represents love, passion, emotions and compassion.

Having such a design on the body will suit those, who seek inner peace and ask questions about the meaning of life.