The Worst Places To Get a Tattoo

There are many different tattoos, their styles, sizes, and locations. If you are not sure of the chosen place for your tattoo, it is always better to consult with your artist. You can also find some similar designs and their body locations on the Internet.

But here we will tell you about some places where it is better not to get tattoed and why.

Firstly, do not tattoo on places where the skin is exposed to intense friction. Additionally, do not tattoo on the areas affected by skin diseases, birthmarks, moles, or fresh scars.

Fingers and wrists

This area is in constant contact with mechanical actions, as well as with soaps, creams and other liquids that may affect the durability and quality of your tattoo.


Tattoos below the ankle are almost always in the shoes, thereby rubbing it off the skin. So tattoos in these areas very quickly lose their clarity and brightness.


Also, a problem area is the armpits, the skin is constantly compressed and stretched, and this is the reason the pattern will not take long. To keep them the same appearance, you will have to regularly visit the artist and make corrections.

Elbows and knees

On the moving parts of the body, it is better not to apply a design that should be read completely. Because when you bend, the tattoo art will deform.


Despite the fact that there is quite a lot of space for tattoos, the skin in this part of the body is too elastic, which allows it to easily stretch at the slightest change in weight, thereby ruining the design.

Facial tattoo

  • behind the ear, on the ear

Making tattoos in this area not only very painful, but also skin can’t handle ink well. For the tattoo to last several years, it must be touched up by the same artist on a regular basis.

  • inner lip

Not the best way to tattoo a mucosa. They’re not going to be long-lived and visible to many people if you want the tattoo to be recognizable. Be careful with this zone.

Thus, if you had any doubts about the placement of your new tattoo, we hope you have a clear understanding of where you do not want it placed now. But of course, it is your body and your choice!