What to Expect After Laser Tattoo Removal

Removing tattoos does not require much time as the subsequent healing process does. So you should be prepared for the fact that the skin will take time to return to its previous state. During the healing process, your skin needs time to remove the tattoo ink particles.

Throughout this article, you will learn what to expect after laser tattoo removal so you can make an informed decision.

Edema after laser tattoo removal is a normal reaction of the body to aseptic inflammation. In particular, this indicates that the procedure was carried out correctly and efficiently. The level of swelling may depend on the amount of pigment in the removal zone, the density of the skin, as well as the predisposition of the body to edema. The denser the skin, the faster swelling goes away.

As soon as your tattoo was applied, your body began trying to remove the ink from it. Generally, puffiness in the removal zone can last from 30 minutes to several days. The level of swelling over time should decrease.

Following each laser treatment, it is likely that the treated area will appear red, feel sensitive, and slightly swollen, but within one week of treatment, these side effects should subside.

Since all people are different, with different skin, everything is very individual. Speed of removalconsiders many factors that affect the rate of removal such as ink color, its amount, tattoo location and pre-existing scarring. Of course, health and age also play an important role. Each session breaks down and removes more layers of ink, targeting the top layer of ink.

You may experience side effects because they are an expected part of laser tattoo removal. Several of these are important immune response factors that assist in the elimination of ink from the skin.

Redness, bruising, blistering, swelling, scabs, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation are common side effects. When all other protocols based on the type of tattoo and skin tone are followed, all of these treatments are temporary.

You should immediately report any discomfort you experience in the area after the session if it persists for several days after it.

The outcome of your laser tattoo removal depends to a large extent on you as well. So make sure you treat your skin properly.

The speed of healing, side symptoms and condition of your skin may depend on the laser that performed the procedure, your health, tattoo type, etc. A responsible approach is therefore required in this case.