White tattoo

White ink tattoos are a new trend in the art of body painting. They look neat, don`t stand out, but differ in their refinement and elegance.

Initially, the white pigment was used only to create shadows, smooth transitions and semitones. But now it is increasingly used as a self-paint to create a beautiful and unique pattern.

The concept of tattoo application is the same: white tattoos use only white ink, without additional colors. This means that the white tattoo is mainly a contour without shading, creating a thin scar-like tattoo on the skin. But the skin remains smooth, unlike scarring.

The technique of applying white tattoos

The distinguishing feature of a white tattoo is the depth of application of the pigment under the skin. White ink consists of larger particles and is thicker in consistency compared to other ink.

If the master uses a stencil, he must ensure that the stencil ink is not mixed with the white shades used: this can reduce the brightness of the pigment. It takes more time and skills of the master.

The cons of white ink tattoo

The main disadvantage is the short life of the tattoo, applied with white ink, the drawing more quickly loses the outline and loses color. The white ink is a little thicker, but at the same time quite transparent. Over time, the white tattoo will gradually adapt to the shade of your skin, acquiring a beige color.

Another difficulty is that the white tattoo is exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions, and over time requires correction. The frequency of correction depends on genetics, application location, epidermis renewal rate, medication, solarium visit rate and pigment type.

Some people may encounter an allergic reaction to white pigments. Maybe your skin rejects white ink, and as a result, you will have to give up the white tattoo.

Care for your tattoo

Procedures aimed at skin care after applying the tattoo with a white pigment are standard. In the first days after applying the tattoo, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and moisturize the skin. It is important to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, sauna, sauna, and solarium. Due to the «transparency» of the pigment, the skin under the applied image can tan and change the shade of the tattoo. It is recommended to use specialized skin care products after tattooing.When choosing white tattoos, it is important to remember that over time they may lose their original appearance, even with careful observance of all the rules and subsequent care.