Lotus Tattoo

There are many popular types of tattoos with interesting designs. One of them is the lotus tattoo.  They are applied in different places and have different meanings. The lotus can be depicted as one, or with a mandala, with living beings, or even a Buddha. Girls choose this flower because of its beauty and sophistication… Continue reading Lotus Tattoo

Tattoo aftercare

Your tattoo doesn’t really end when your artist finishes the design. The process concludes with proper tattoo aftercare. Healing a new tattoo takes time and patience, but it is clearly worthwhile. There are three most important points to follow. Wash the area daily. It is usually safe to remove the bandage and wash the tattoo after at… Continue reading Tattoo aftercare

Popular tattoo styles

The number of people getting tattoos has considerably increased, but so has the number of people getting them removed. Not only does getting rid of them take time, but it may also be very expensive. Research in the following fields is unquestionably the greatest strategy to prevent this: Tattoo styles: You need to consider what… Continue reading Popular tattoo styles